Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rude Gyal

Back to the land of Nickleback and Seether
80's, 90's today they are my enemy receivers
Bought ya brunch on credit hope ya read it as a teaser
Hot headed pleaser but better not believe her

Ya jimmy in her mouth but she lookin' like a teaser
Tongues for fifty seconds then she say she need a breather
Said he saw her Sunday with some girls who look like Beiber
I could say I'm honest but I don't believe me neither

Call up Joey Grecco have him follow her on Cheaters
Took ya girl to Wendy's then she bought her some Adidas?
Now she got her feet up in the backseat of her Prius?
Ya sugar's dippin' low does that give you Diabeetus?

Sin her sins away up in a haze of synesthesia
Citizen of K she skipped the hole and went to seizure
Better hold the door cuz she needs more than that to please her
Likes gettin' plastered faster- she'll take Master Card or Visa

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