Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Valley Below

Making ends meet in a dead end town
With a dead end job to which you are bound
Can't break the circle, can't get away
Got car insurance and bills to pay

Used to cut class never followed the rules
Suspended twenty times cuz you hated high school
Never had to listen to what they had to teach
Now a college education is far beyond your reach

Your report card used to have gold stars
Now you're just another drop out living in the trailor park
That's alright, cuz the weekend's here
Time to drive around aimlessly and chug some beer
And pretend that you're letting the good times go
While ignoring the emptiness you feel in your soul

Cuz there's nothing to do, and nowhere to go
When you're living in the valley of the shadow below

Demolition derbies and Country Fest
Got your 12 pack of Bud and your Marlboro cigarettes
Sitting on the back of your pick up truck
Feeling like you just bagged yourself a 10 point buck

But you still can't help but wonder if there's more to life
Then waiting around town til ya meet ya wife
Become a real adult and buy your own place
Cutting off your nose to spite your own face

So you blame it on fate who dealt you this hand
I guess life is what happens in between keg stands
But nothing ever changes it just stays the same
Slowly chipping away at the time that remains
Man it sure is easier to drink away your fears
Than to deal with the shame of your wasted years

But there's nothing to do and no where to go
When you're living in the valley of the shadow below

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